A Tour of My Chess Game

When I sat down to think about the task of making a chess game I first thought of the intangibles, wondering, "how will I get the pieces to move", "how will I make it so that they can capture", instead of the concrete. In building a chess game of my own I first had to realize that every object in the game can be represented conceptually in the program. The game that the user sees is the visual representation of these concepts, or in other words, associating something in the program with an image that can be moved and interacted with.

On this site, I'll take you through a tour of my chess game. I'll show you where I began, some of the algorithms that I formulated, and the class structures that I used to make this game. I will not be to language specific; hence, this program could be written in any language using the same data structures and algorithms. My hope is that I can help ambitious young programmers who are developing an understanding of class structures and the feat of using programming to achieve some end. Also I wish to appease curious minds. I think that if one can make his own chess game she's mastered several programming concepts that are crucial in the developement of proficiency and skill as a programmer. I've therefore left many of my algorithms out of this tour, but have given the ideas. Also, I've left out my source. However, you can learn the type of thinking and structures it takes to make a program of this magntitude and then go on to even greater things.